10 Groomsmen Gifts That Your Boys Will Love

July 31, 2017

Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Let’s face it, groomsmen gifts are the most neglected detail of any wedding. Last minute beer baskets, watch sets, or something off the shelf of a local department store often serve as the commemorative item from such an important event.

Not to say that those items aren’t the perfect groomsmen gift – depending on the type of wedding, the groomsman, his relationship with the groom and personalities those items might make perfect sense, but wouldn’t you rather something personalized, something that has a little meaning behind it while still being functional (and not sappy)?

And that is the second problem with groomsmen gifts – functionality. Guys are difficult enough to get gifts for when it comes to birthdays and holidays, but as a groomsman no one wants to end up with something that sits on a shelf, or fills the junk drawer.

This is why custom engraving is the perfect solution to the question of a unique groomsmen gift.

Below we have complied 10 ideas for awesome groomsmen gifts that rate high on the list for uniqueness, fun, and practicality.

Grab a few of these items, or mix and match, then send them along to us – add your personal message or upload a photo you want engraved on your item and we’ll create that personalized groomsman gift you’ve been looking for.

10 Perfect Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

Leather Wallets: Wallets make the perfect gift, and it’s one that’s probably needed as replacing the wallet isn’t normally done until the old one has already fallen apart. The leather surface is perfect for engraving and names, quotes or personal messages can easily be added to the front, or inside of the wallet. The personal touch gives your groomsmen a one of a kind item that can put a smile on your buddy’s face if you add that inside joke, an old nick-name, or funny memory to the engraving – and best of all, its an item made to be used. You can order a number of quality leather wallets from an online store, or get them at your local leather shop, then ship them to us to be engraved. You’ll have a personalized groomsman gift for under $100 (depending on the detail of the engraving).

Money Clips: A simpler version of the wallet, these are preferred by some for money keeping. Money clips can be found in all types of metals, finishes, styles, and prices. The metal surface is prime for engraving, and something simple off sets these designs nicely – think Initials, a short message, a small image, and it can be as funny or as serious as fits the relationship. Engraved money clips can stand alone, or be paired with the wallet for a boxed groomsman gift.

Glasses: Engraved glasses are the prefect groomsmen gifts, especially if given at the time of the bachelor party. From shot glasses, to tumblers, to beer mugs – all glass and crystal are fully engravable. Now, the standard initial can be found anywhere – but think of adding the groomsman’s face to his  beer mug, or a characture for a 20 oz pour, or better yet – the worst high school or college photo of the two of you together adorning the side of a tumbler set. Favorite sayings, memories, or rude jokes also make great additions to drink ware. On the flip side – tasteful designs, stylized lettering, or cut patterns can be added for a more elegant gift (perfect for the father-of-the-bride, or your own dad). Engraved glassware will stand up too; no worrying about the decal peeling off from too much use, and glass ware can be found at almost any department store or easily ordered on line.

Bar Kits: If glassware doesn’t quite cut it, think bar kits. These sets range from drink specific to elaborate boxed sets that include shakers and stirring sticks. Find the set that fits your needs and budget, choose engravings for each item inside, or just the box cover, and personalize it for each groomsman. This is a gift that is sure to get a lot of use.

Poker Sets: Now, for a truly unique groomsman gift try a fully customized poker set. You can get creative here – like your face on each poker chip (so they have to see you when winning or losing at poker J ). Engrave a message on the chip caddy, or monogram the chips, caddy and deck box. There is a lot of room for fun and entertaining customization – so go nuts. Then give your boys a gift that will stay with them for years to come.

Grill Sets: Grill Masters of the World Unite! Great grill sets abound on the Internet – from 3 piece sets in metal or wooden cases to 20+ elaborate outfits that come in giant cases, there is an option for all levels of grilling mastery. Engraved grill sets are the perfect gift for any guy, and to make it a bit more fun, get one of those grill branding tools so they can do a little “engraving” too. This is a gift that keeps on giving; they will be reminded of you every time they use it, and their wives/girlfriends/significant others will be thrilled with your gift as well. And when you visit, you just may get to enjoy the product of that gift!

Knives: Most people have knives - from cooking knives, to hunting or fishing knives, to the multi tool that they keep in their car, pocket, or toolbox. So what better gift than an engraved pocket knife? This useful tool provides a few great surfaces for engraving. Blades can be decoratively engraved. Handles come in resin, wood, or metal – and all are surfaces perfect for laser engraving. Favorite themes can be immortalized with the wedding date, a special message, or the groomsman’s name.  These gifts are easy to customize to each groomsman, and good quality knives are easy to find and won’t break your budget.

Razors/Shave Kits: This is a gift that is a little more personal, and fits a more specific crowd. But, if you have groomsmen with killer beards, awesome ‘staches , or that prefer to be clean shaven then this is a practical gift your boys may enjoy. Monogramed, razor handles, shaving brush and bowl put together in a matching leather engraved shave kit provide the perfect tools for a daily need while showing your tanks for their help during this milestone.

Business Card Holders: If your groomsmen are more business minded personalized card holders may be the way to go. Get their business name, logo, or a decorative monogram engraved on the metal surface. Business card holders come in many styles and finishes so it should be easy for find a quality case that fits your needs, and many styles can be ordered in multiples. These smaller items are good for budget friendly gifts, but don’t let their size fool you – material and design can allow for a heavier price tag, especially if you go with something is silver.

Phone Cases: These are becoming popular gift options. With the large blank expanse it is easy to see why these are perfect for engraving. Metal, wood, and heavy resin cases are all available for engraving. Find out the type of phone your boy carries and get a case to fit. Then upload a photo, a themed image that fits his personality, or use a favorite phrase, logo, or decal (remember copyrighted material is off limits). This customized gift is something he’ll use and see every day.

Other Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas
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With laser engraving, the list of ideas for personalized gifts is endless.


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