10 Unique Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

May 30, 2017

fathers day gift ideas custom laser engraving

Personalized ideas to make Dad’s or Grandpa’s Day 

Author: Anything Angraving

Men are notoriously hard to buy for. You know what we mean. They are often more practical, and even if they are sentimental they prefer useful gifts. That is what makes these personalized gift ideas perfect for Father’s Day. Every one of them is useful, every one of them is inexpensive, and best of all every one of them is personalized. 
One of the easiest ways to create a unique and personalized gift is to get it laser engraved. The possibilities are endless. So here are 10 custom engraved items that are sure to be a hit this Father’s Day.

1. Pocket Knife:
This versatile tool has a home in the pocket of most men. They come in all shapes, sizes and materials. If dad likes to fish or hunt, he probably has a whole collection. If he is a tool guy, there are at least a few stuck in various drawers of his toolbox. From opening letters to cutting string to sharpening pencils – dad can find a use for this gift. To make it even better – you can get it engraved. Have his name, favorite animal, or just ‘Dad’ added to the handle to personalize your gift for him.

2. Chef Dad Cutting Board: 
Does dad like to cook or grill? If so, than a unique cutting board bearing a personalized image is just the thing. For an item like this you could have a photo of dad busy at his work engraved into the wood, or choose a saying like “Grill Master.” Food images, jokes, favorite quotes… the possibilities are endless. Pick something you know will make dad smile while he is preparing a great meal for his family.

3. Wooden Comb:
This is gift would be perfect for grandpa. I don’t know about you, but my Grandfather always kept a comb in his pocket, along with a handkerchief. A habit many men still have. Younger men, especially those in the business world, have picked the habit up as well. Whether for dad or grandpa, a wooden comb bearing his initials, his name, or an image that represents dad to you (think deer, dogs, cars, etc.) could be a great gift idea. He’ll think of you every time he uses it.

4. Engraved Leather or Metal Name Plates:
Here is a practical gift that has a million uses. Get Dad’s name engraved on tags to be added to handles of fish poles, to luggage, to the stock of his favorite hunting rifle, to his tackle box or tool handles… Oh the possibilities! And you can really have fun here. Get something like “Property of Dad” or a family nick-name added to the plate. You can get a number of them made for an affordable price, and I bet it will be something no one else has ever gotten him.

5. Leather Notebook:
Is dad a writer, or does he work in an office? If so, he probably has a use for a great notebook. There is something elegant, and a little special about writing in a leather bound book – a throwback to a past that we have romanticized. Now add a personal touch to that leather and you have a one of a kind gift that dad is sure to love.

6. Pen and Pencil Set:
Another great gift for the office is a Pen and Pencil set nestled in a beautiful wooden case. Custom wood engraving can be anything you imagine, so make the case your canvas and add whatever you think dad will love to the surface.

7. Custom Engraved Wood Wall Décor:
This one sounds a bit plain, but it isn’t. Is dad a bit sentimental? If so, get his favorite picture of the kids laser engraved onto a wooden plaque to hang in his line of site at home or in his office. Another idea is to get a photo of his favorite pet (even one that is no longer with him) engraved for a permanent keep sake. If dad is a joker, wall art bearing a funny saying is perfect for the man cave or his workshop. Get him something he can’t buy from a store and you’ll have a Father’s Day gift that truly makes his day.

8. Clip Board:

This is the perfect gift for dad if he runs a construction business, landscapes, or is in a field where he has to provide estimates. Actually, this is a great gift for anyone. Clipboards have a million uses, and they provide you a great surface for personalization. The flat expanse of wood or metal can sport a beautiful photo or an engraved business logo – just something to make dad smile when he’s working. Now, as a writing surface the main part of the board is best left smooth, but the edges or the bottom are open for your personal touch.

9. Deep Grain Wood Cuts:

For the sportsman Dad, it's easier for his tall tales to be believed if he has the proof! Laser engraved wood creates great depth, giving images a warm, natural 3D look of that fish that DIDN'T get away. We stock a variety of high quality woods to get the finest definition from the images submitted. Our list of materials can help you decide as well!

10. Picture Frames:

In the end, it's all about preserving the moments in our lives and for our Dads out there. Showing them how much we love and care about them through these personalized gifting ideas helps drive that point home. To that end, we have a variety of framing options for immortalizing your finest moments. Contact us for ideas, we're always ready to lend a hand!

There are many gift guides out there, lending ideas on the perfect gift for him. But really, the perfect gift is one that holds a bit of meaning, one that he can cherish, while being one that he can use. Add a little personalization and you’ll hit it out of the park this Father’s Day


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