Keepsake Ornaments: A Christmas Tradition

November 30, 2017

keepsake ornaments laser engraved

Engraved ornaments keep this tradition alive

The magic of Christmas comes, in part, from the traditions that surround it. Wether those traditions are wide spread, like getting a tree or putting lights on the house, or more personal like getting a new Christmas book to read or making grandma’s cookie recipe, each holds meaning that we treasure every December.

One Christmas tradition that many families have adopted is the giving of a keepsake ornament. This tradition serves a few practical and sentimental purposes.

To start, let’s look at the sentimental.

Imagine opening your first gift of Christmas –pulling the ribbon from the package, removing the shining paper from the box, and finding a delicate ornament, laser cut and personalized through engraving. Maybe it’s of a special place you went this year, or a graduation cap because you finished your schooling. Maybe it’s a horse because you love to ride, or your baby’s fist picture because you became a new parent…

These highly customized and personal gifts are then placed on your tree for the rest of the season, to be admired and cherished!

Every year, as you remove the wrappings from your ornaments you will remember each Christmas, as well as each moment those Keepsake Ornaments represent.

As you give your children their annual keepsake ornaments you are also giving them the gift of memories. They too will look at those ornaments every year, remembering the Christmas they received them and what each individual keepsake ornament stands for. When they leave home, they take with them a box of memories that will adorn their own Christmas trees for many years to come.

Many keepsake ornaments can be bought in stores – but they are often made to plastic and factory painted. Over the years, many store bought ornaments have become low quality, and at close range – often don’t really resemble the object they should.

For this reason, laser engraved keepsake ornaments are becoming more popular.

It is easy to choose the material: glass, metal, wood, or resin.

Often you can have the ornament cut into the shape you desire, or just have the image you choose engraved on the surface of the ornament.

Adding names, significant dates, quotes, or personal messages is easy, and creates an even more personalized gift. 

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