Employee Recognition Awards Done Right

January 18, 2018


Show your gratitude and admiration with these staff appreciation ideas


As company owners, managers, or HR representatives, we are often looking for ideas to show appreciation to those that make our businesses run smoothly – our staff! But we don’t want to do something boring – like a run of the mill paper certificate. And at first thought, the traditional plaque seems overdone. But sometimes the classics are the way to go.

Personalized, custom engraved wooden plaques serve as great recognition awards for a few reasons:

  1. They can be hung up (typically in a place of prominence) and shown off

  2. They last indefinitely and so bring back a feeling of accomplishment and pride whenever looked at

  3. Being handed that shiny, wooden plaque in front of coworkers, friends, and family creates a moment, a memory, and makes one feel pride it the work he/she has done to get that recognition

These are the feelings we want to illicit when giving staff recognition for their work.


Now, just because you are giving employees engraved plaques doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

Maybe the event calls for traditional, formal designs. But maybe you want something fun, funny, or beautiful. All of these sentiments are easy to express through custom engraving.

Pick an image, a funny phrase, custom wording, or interesting plaque shapes to make your staff appreciation awards unique.

Different wood tones, materials, finishes, type font, and plaque shapes allow your staff recognition awards to really commemorate the event or achievement being recognized.

And these awards don’t have to be plain plaques – try signs, name plates, frames, wooden blocks, paper weights, clocks, pendants, or even medals to add fun and whimsy to your appreciation awards.

If wood seems too traditional for your company of event – try granite, marble, resin, glass, or various metals. All are engravable!

Employee appreciation goes a long way in creating a good working environment – and doing it right can help build the loyalty and sense of community that create lifelong employees.


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