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February-06-18 12:00:00 AM
Engraved Memorial to an Industrial History
An interesting project came our way. This project had it all: Demolition, problem solving, living history, and art. And it all started with a piece of flooring… We were sent a three-and-a-half by two-and-half section of individual boards. Well, not just any boards. These were floor boards, attached to a backing board so they would stay together just as they had been lifted from the building where they had sat for well over 100 years. These boards were dinged, scratched, nicked, and gouged…
January-18-18 8:30:00 AM
Employee Recognition Awards Done Right
Let your employees know what they mean to your business with personalized, custom engraved plaques and staff appreciation awards
November-30-17 12:00:00 AM
Keepsake Ornaments: A Christmas Tradition
The magic of Christmas comes, in part, from the traditions that surround it. Wether those traditions are wide spread, like getting a tree or putting lights on the house, or more personal like getting a new Christmas book to read or making grandma’s cookie recipe, each holds meaning that we treasure every December. One Christmas tradition that many families have adopted is the giving of a keepsake ornament. This tradition serves a few practical and sentimental purposes.
November-22-17 12:00:00 AM
Gift Guide
Find a laser engraved gift idea for the holidays. Personalized, unique gifts for everyone on your shopping list. Get ideas and contact us for custom engraving.
July-31-17 12:00:00 AM
10 Groomsmen Gifts That Your Boys Will Love
Let’s face it, groomsmen gifts are the most neglected detail of any wedding. Last minute beer baskets, watch sets, or something off the shelf of a local department store often serve as the commemorative item from such an important event.
June-30-17 12:00:00 AM
5 Unique Wedding Gifts for this season.
Custom engraving can take an ordinary gift and make it extraordinary. This simple process can also get you a great gift fast – and with a wedding approaching, this can be a life saver.
June-11-17 12:00:00 AM
Personalized Wedding Favors
Planning a wedding is often a hectic ordeal when you’re swamped with inviting guests, finding the right venue, deciding on music, wondering what to serve. Wedding favors are often low on the totem pole, the last thing that comes to mind when planning the most important day of your life.
May-30-17 12:00:00 AM
10 Unique Gift Ideas For Father’s Day
Men are notoriously hard to buy for. You know what we mean. They are often more practical, and even if they are sentimental they prefer useful gifts. That is what makes these personalized gift ideas perfect for Father’s Day. Every one of them is useful, every one of them is inexpensive, and best of all every one of them is personalized. One of the easiest ways to create a unique and personalized gift is to get it laser engraved. The possibilities are endless. So here are 10 custom engraved items that are sure to be a hit this Father’s Day.
May-18-17 12:00:00 AM
Why Choose Laser Engraved Items?
In today’s world of disposable items that look pretty, quality is often sacrificed for cost. We as consumers often forget this when making a purchase. We see that item with the perfect decal, the perfect image, the perfect saying, and we buy it giving no thought to how that image was attached to the product.
April-27-17 12:00:00 AM
11 Unique Gifts
Mother’s Day is just around the corner. With it comes a rush of feelings like – Uh oh, I don’t know what to get Mom! Or when will I ever get to the store? But there is also that feeling of wanting to do something special for the woman that gave you life, kissed your hurts, and made you feel special for so many years – but what is that special thing?
April-17-17 12:00:00 AM
What Is Custom Laser Engraving?
This blog explores the basics of laser wood engraving, how it works, and why they make wonderful unique gifts!
February-09-17 12:00:00 AM
Show Off Your Green Thumb With Unique, Laser Engraved Garden Signs
A most elegant way to bring attention to your vegetables and flowers is with these clever garden signs!
January-15-17 12:00:00 AM
Unique and Unusual Personalized Custom Laser Engraved Gifts
In search of the perfect gift? Engrave a softball for a high school team star. Or how about a hammer handle for a do-it-yourself Grandpa. Give customized wood hangers to the fussy fashion diva In your life.
December-17-16 12:00:00 AM
10 Laser-Engraved Wood Signs for Home, Office and Gifts
The beauty of a wood sign is the range of possibilities it gives you. What you have laser engraved on it is limited strictly by your imagination.
December-14-16 12:00:00 AM
Give Cutting Boards As Wedding Favors!
Scratching your head for affordable, memorable, useful wedding favors? Look no further than a wooden cutting board. Every kitchen needs one. They are durable, attractive and will be used with pride for decades to come.
December-11-16 12:00:00 AM
Create Memories with Custom Wood Engraving
Adding custom engraving to a wood plaque or sign makes it memorable. It is no longer an off-the-shelf gift. You’ve turned it into a personal memento with special meaning.
November-30-16 12:00:00 AM
The Perfect Sentimental Gift Laser Engraved
Chocolate and flowers are lovely. But they are so short lived. Say “I love you” with a gift that is memorable and permanent, just like your relationship. With laser engraving, you can personalize a variety of gifts with your own heartfelt sentiments.
November-15-16 12:00:00 AM
Giving Thanks with Personalized Thanksgiving Engraved Gifts
Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday gift-giving season. What better way to say, “Thank you for being in my life,” than with one of the many personalized Thanksgiving engraved gifts from Anything Engraving.
September-16-16 12:00:00 AM
Weirdest Things Ever Engraved
Just how far will a company with a name like Anything Engraving actually go when it comes to taking on projects? Most of the work is actually on wood, glass, acrylic, stone and marble.
August-25-16 12:00:00 AM
Give an Engraved Gift This Holiday this Season
Instead of giving a generic gift from the mall this year, consider picking out a holiday gift that can be laser engraved. There are a host of engravable products to choose from.
August-02-16 12:00:00 AM
Laser-Engraved Wedding Anniversary Gifts
The traditional material for a wedding anniversary gift transitions from paper in the first year to diamonds for the 60th celebration. In between are wood, copper, pottery, tin, crystal, silver, gold and host of other stuff.
July-15-16 12:00:00 AM
The Amazing Range of Materials You Can Laser Engrave
Laser engraving can be done on a wide range of materials. The laser technology is so advanced that a wide variety of materials and products get impressive results with the engraving process. The craftspeople at Anything Engraving have the experience and training to choose the best material to create the most attractive and durable designs.
June-30-16 12:00:00 AM
Nine Crafty Wedding Ideas with Laser Engraving
Are you stuck for ideas for wedding gifts and mementos? Laser engraving from Anything Engraving to the rescue!
June-15-16 12:00:00 AM
Industry Relies on Laser Engraving for Barcodes Creation
Barcodes aren’t just for soup cans and Hamburger Helper boxes in the grocery store. They are essential for industry, the military, healthcare businesses and retail stores.
May-07-16 12:00:00 AM
Great Gift Ideas for Wooden Laser Engraving
An engraved rolling pin? YES! Just what every baker wants. How about customized wood boxes? How about a wood box engraved with funny sayings for the cubicle crowd? And every handyman wants a hammer with his name engraved on the wood handle.
April-30-16 12:00:00 AM
Really Customized Cigars
You know that custom laser engraving adds value to wood, metal, glass and plastics. You’ve heard of engraving leather, paper and even foam and filters.
March-29-16 12:00:00 AM
Target Clubs and Teams with Personalized Laser Engraving
Are you looking for a simple way to add a new stream of income that brings in a steady return for your gift shop? Sell trophies to sports teams and awards to clubs and associations, customized with laser engraving.
March-01-16 12:00:00 AM
How Laser Engraving Can Grow Your Wedding Planner Business
Want to make more money as a wedding planner? Add laser engraving to your line of offerings. Provide your clients with customized wedding favors, keepsakes for the bridal couple and bridesmaid and groomsman gifts.
January-31-16 12:00:00 AM
Engraving, Etching and Personalizing Your Electronic Devices
Your phone, tablet, music player, and laptop are objects that you rely on everyday. Our modern way of living means always carrying a piece of technology in order to be connected to the word.
January-11-16 12:00:00 AM
Easy Last-Minute Custom Engraved Wedding Favors
Planning a wedding is often a hectic ordeal when you’re swamped with inviting guests, finding the right venue, deciding on music and wondering what to serve.
December-09-15 12:00:00 AM
Celebrate this year by sharing unique and custom gifts
The holidays are is only few weeks away, don't let this festive season catch you by surprise. Do not settle for last minute purchases this year, by planning ahead you'll be able to share thoughtful gifts with those closest to you.
November-17-15 12:00:00 AM
Common questions about projects concerning laser engraved portraits.
There is common question which always comes up when discussing anything to do with laser engraving or projects concerning laser engraved portraits. The first question always seems to be "what is the best wood for laser engraving?" With such an important and complex question it is crucial that our clients understand what kind of wood best serves their businesses and personal projects.
October-30-15 12:00:00 AM
Laser Engraved ideas for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is around the corner, family and friends will soon be together sharing a home cooked meal and celebrating time spent together. This time of year should be focused on sharing memorable occasions with friends and loved ones.
October-15-15 12:00:00 AM
Materials that can be laser engraved or etched
There is a common misconception that only a very limited variety of materials can be engraved or etched. Many individuals think that the vast majority of household or business items simply can't be engraved.
September-30-15 12:00:00 AM
The History of laser Engraving
Over the last century the world has gone through unbelievable technological advancements throughout all sectors in our social and economic spheres. The advent of what we now understand as lasers has only really existed for a little over 50 years.
September-15-15 12:00:00 AM
How Laser Engraved Products can Help Small Businesses
A customers first impression and experience of a business often takes place even before they enter the establishment.
August-29-15 12:00:00 AM
Top 5 Things To Look For When Choosing Laser Engraving Services
This article will showcase the top 5 qualities to look for when deciding upon laser engraving services.
August-13-15 10:02:33 AM
Laser Wood Engraved Business Signs: Welcome Clients With Style!
Is it time to replace that cracked, weathered business sign? Or are you starting your own business and are looking for a way to grab people’s attention and depict your professionalism?
August-07-15 12:00:00 AM
Custom wood engraving for cherished special occasions & family history
Cherished memories are brief instances of recollecting moments which are near and dear to our hearts. Memories of special events or family members may be unknowingly placed at the back of our minds, or even forgotten as the years pass.
July-09-15 12:14:21 PM
Ways to Create A Unique Gift Using Laser Engraving
Customers of wood projects today expect a high quality product that is unique and customized to their particular needs.
June-01-15 2:30:13 PM
Choosing the Best Wood for Laser Engraving – What You Need to Know
What's the best wood for engraving? The quality must be complemented with good quality wood that is ideal for laser engraving. Let's get to the details!
May-19-15 10:21:17 AM
Preserve Your Memories With a Wood Photo Engraving
We’re inundated with digital photos these days, which is convenient until it comes time to display them in a non-digital format.
March-04-15 12:02:19 PM
Personalized Boxes Make Great Laser Engraved Gifts
Whatever the interests of your customer, family member or friend, there is a laser-engraved box available.
January-26-15 11:15:12 AM
Great Promotional Items and Gifts with Laser-Engraving
For years, engraving has been a popular way to show someone your appreciation for them. By not only giving a gift, but also, going to the extra length to do something special with it, you can strengthen a bond between yourself and another.
January-12-15 12:07:02 PM
Taking the Confusion Out of Image Files
When you are want to personalize laser engraved gifts, it is common to come up with a special logo, photo or graphic that has meaning for the recipient.
December-29-14 12:00:00 AM
10 Great Ways to Get Known with Promo Gifts
One of the best ways to advertise your product, service or organization is with a well chosen promotional gift. A useful item with custom laser engraving of your name and logo keeps your brand front and center, a constant reminder to the person receiving the gift and to his network.
December-08-14 4:14:06 PM
An Engraved Photo Ornament, the Perfect, Personal Holiday Gift
Using the latest technology, Anything Engraving are able to produce laser engraved gifts of all types, not just Christmas ornaments. Consider other items you might want to engrave for the holidays.
November-17-14 10:04:43 AM
Custom Laser Engraved Military Plaques are Selling Like Hotcakes
There are an uncountable number of ways we can show our appreciation to those brave males and females who have defended our nation at all costs, but it seems that more and more individuals are opting for the military plaques.
November-03-14 4:08:36 PM
Giving Extraordinary Custom Laser Engravings Make Holiday Gifts Pop!
The holidays are a time when gift giving really means something special. In fact, it is often referred to as the season of giving.
October-20-14 10:23:16 AM
Custom Laser Engraving: The Edge in Personal and Professional Style.
When you want to give that special edge to any item – whether it’s a gift, a personal article, a product you sell, a component of a marketing campaign, or any other item for professional use –custom laser engraving is not only a stunning choice, but it’s also practical and affordable one.
October-06-14 12:00:00 AM
Celebrate a 50th anniversary in style with our bespoke engraved gifts!
Fifty years of experiences, achievements, adventures and memories. Fifty years truly is a lifetime, fifty years of marriage however is an eternity and as the enormity of the occasion suggests, needs to be duly celebrated and deservedly so. Whether it’s your parents, grandparents or simply an old friend we all know or have known someone who’s celebrated or due to celebrate this momentous occasion.
September-22-14 1:51:34 PM
Laser Engravers: Choosing But Not Confusing
Most people think “laser” is a word. It is not. It is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers have found many uses in the 21st century, including medical and industrial applications.
September-03-14 11:42:14 AM
Precision and Personalization: The Laser is King
When you’re planning to create a special, one-of-a-kind memento for a personalized engraved gift or simply for your own enjoyment, there are a few things to consider. You’ll think about what the finished piece will look like, of course, and how the engraved text will read, but it’s also necessary to think about how the parts will be fabricated.
August-25-14 11:16:47 AM
Six Steps to Better Laser Engraving Products!
It is truly a wonderful feeling to be in possession of a photograph of a loved one. We can look at it any time we wish, and it reminds us that we're cared for.
August-07-14 12:18:03 PM
Laser Engraving is An Art Form!
Laser Engraving is a process which requires a lot of skill. The process of laser engraving creates objects that are customized and unique, objects that are beautiful and perfectly crafted, therefore, laser engraving is definitely an art form all its own.
July-28-14 12:00:00 AM
Don't lose it, laser-engrave it!
If you've ever wondered about custom laser engraving, then this article will explain everything you need to know about the practice, and will explain the benefits that make personalized laser engraving an ideal thing to do.
July-14-14 12:00:00 AM
Why Laser Engraving Is the Best Choice for a Manufacturing Environment
Custom laser engraving is one of the pinnacles of modern technology. Where once we had to settle for poor quality manual engraving if we wanted engraved pens, engraved signs, engraved glasses, or anything else engraved, we now do not have to settle for it.
June-26-14 12:00:00 AM
Get the Right Laser-Engraved Outdoor Business Sign Guide
A business without a sign is a sign of no business. Regardless of how great your services or products are, if your business sign doesn’t catch potential customers attention, you may not attract the clientele you need for your business to succeed.
June-09-14 12:00:00 AM
A Unique Gift Idea That Can Be Personalized To Meet Your Needs
If you are looking for that one-of-a-kind gift that will give the person receiving it a lifetime of enjoyment, then look no further than a laser-engraved gift. One of the best parts of a laser-engraved gift is the fact that you can personalize it any way you want to.
May-30-14 12:51:42 PM
The Beginnings of Laser Engraving
Laser engraving originated in the late 1970s after an artist called Tom "Rudy" Zarden invested in a laser machine from a upstart company.
April-17-14 2:28:22 PM
Create a Family Keepsake
Unlike pictures that fade, flowers that wither, ink that disappear, words that are forgotten, songs that can’t be recalled, laser engraving lasts forever.
March-28-14 9:47:18 AM
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